Stephen Dorff signs on to play lead in “Oliver’s Deal”

I don’t know really what to say … I mean, this is my first feature film and I am going to have the chance to work with an incredibly gifted actor – I am just so grateful.

Stephen and I have had several long phone conversations where we have taken the opportunity to get to know each other as best we can seeing that we will be working so intensely together in the months to come.   Besides the fact that we seem to get along very well and are speaking the same language with regard to what the script sets out to accomplish through the Oliver character, what I admire very much is his brutal honesty.  I don’t feel he has ever ‘sugar coated’ anything for the sake of ‘pleasing’ and / or ‘not offending’ – he just says it like he feels it.

Stephen’s work speaks for itself over and over and over again.  He is a fine actor and I know he will nail the role.  I look forward to not only working with him but also learning from him.


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