Proctor & Gamble “Raising an Olympian” (Circus)

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
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Of all the work I have been privileged to Direct since working at Señor Z, this Olympic reportage is by far and away what I am most proud of.  As I have been primarily making tv commercials, this was a unique opportunity to get back into the documentary genre which I have a great affinity for.

On almost a nothing budget, a small crew went with Gonzalo and I to the town of Junin – one of the highest small towns in Peru at 4,100 meters (13,451 feet).  A 7 hour drive from Lima into the peeks of the Andes on roads that make Rally racing look like The Sound of Music.  It was physically the most challenging shoot of my life: a severe and constant headache, cold that goes through however many layers you put on, absolute fatigue after walking 5 feet because the air is so thin (I personally sucked down and entire oxygen tank in those 3 days) and honestly, tasteless food – fruit, veggies, and spices don’t make it that way.

Nevertheless what came of this is (like I said before) the best work I have been a part of at Z and I am honored to have done this with such a great group of people.  To date, this reportage has had over 1.5 million You Tube hits.  How ’bout that for exposure.  I hope you enjoy.

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