Scotiabank: Sobrinos (Causa)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
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This was the first of the three Scotiabank commercials that we filmed over the two days. Working with adult actors is great because you have to say very little and they just get on with it and make it so.  The hard part in a commercial like this is – you guessed it – kids.

When you watch the spot, you will notice the cute little girl (Abril) that enters in the first shot and is then tossed like a quaterback handoff in a draw play.  She is actually the daughter of my good friend (and boss) Bacha Caravedo.  The girl that we originally cast came to set and basically got freaked out by all the lights, cameras and people and was like ‘I ain’t having any of this noise.’

In the end, we couln’t be happier that it was Abril who came to save the day. Look how cute her cheeks ripple in slow motion when she gets tossed.

PS: so you know ‘sobrinos’ in Spanish means ‘nephews.’


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