“Gift” | A new short film under development

What can I say, I love short films.  I love them so much that I can’t stop thinking about the next one even when I am working on the previous one.  It’s a blessing that I am most grateful for.

I have had an idea, or more like a subject, brewing in my head for some time but as it becomes more apparent to me with every project I sink my teeth into, I become more comfortable with how (slow) my development process works: simply…I just have to wait until all of a sudden one day, without any rhyme or reason…it just clicks.

I’m not ready to say ‘what happens’ in Gift as the writing process has only just begun so it is sure to change several times before I even know what it’s really about but what I can say is this: I am co-writing this short with my amazingly talented and beautiful wife Valeria.  Though Valeria and I are always very much involved in each other’s work, this is the first time that we are directly collaborating on a project together.  And get this, not only is Valeria my co-writer, but she will also be the protagonist of this film.  Valeria has really impressed me – and many others might I add – as an actress in the last year.  She goes DEEP into knowing and understanding her characters.  In fact, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if our neighbors – on various occasions – have thought that Vale had lost her marbles when she was in fact rehearsing i.e. going places that she needed to go to discover whatever is that she needed to discover to know her character better.  I wouldn’t say Vale is a method actor, but she certainly does have her methods.

When we will shoot this short completely depends on when we have a final script and how it fits in around the Oliver’s Deal shooting schedule which is still yet to be determined but nonetheless, Vale and I are doing this and it’s already proving to be a lot of fun!

I look forward to keeping you posted as we move along.

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