Tribeca Chronicles Day 4 | NY Fest Soccer Tournament

Barney Gettin’ Schooled – AP

Today was all about the NY Fest Soccer Tournament.  Through a good friend Yulene Olaizola (Mexican) she connected me with a team that had been put together called the Blue Sky Gladiators.  12 groups of 4, it ran just like the world cup.  You play everyone in your group once and the top two teams go through.  A win: 3 points, a draw: 1 point, a loss: 0 points.

It was cold and to top it off, pouring rain.  But after winning the first game 5-0 (and me having put one in the back of the net myself), who cared…we all thought we were gonna take home the trophy that was of course until we got spanked in the next two games and didn’t get out of the group stages.  When your cold and wet that really stinks 🙁

All in all, it was both fun but can’t lie…disappointing.  Well get ’em next time.

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