Sound Designer – Guillermo Palacios

Guillermo Palacios is a well known sound recordist and sound designer here in Lima.  From what I gather, he’s been around the block more than once and has gotten his hands into all kinds of juicy projects.

I first met him through my mother in law who made a CD of her singing in Quechua and he produced it – a very good job.  Since then I have passed through his amazing home in Miraflores a couple of time by way of mutual friends / events.  It is a large old home with a back yard and at back of the yard is a guest house which is two floors which he has turned into his office and full on 5.1 sound recording / mixing / dubbing studio.  Basically Guillermo has what I want some day, the ability to do it all within a hop, step and a jump to his own kitchen.  His most recent credit as sound recordist and designer is the Peruvian film October which just won the jury prize in the Certain Regard section at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival – not bad!

On top of all this, Guillermo’s daughter Sophia teaches a movement therapy class once a week which both Valeria and I attend.  We move to music for about 40 minutes then draw based on the images that stemmed from our emotions that stemmed from the movement in our bodies.

This family is Jedi with creative juice – NEED I SAY MORE!

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